With interest rates being a key focus there has never been a better time to reduce the potential sting of rising interest rates than now.  There are so many great home loan deals available at moment and so many good ones to chose from, so much sot that it can be quite overwhelming working out what’s the best loan and is it the best Home Loan for you.

That’s where mortgage brokers can be the best source of information for you when it comes to sourcing a home loan.  Mortgage Brokers work on a daily basis sourcing and researching the best home loans available and help our clients on a daily basis find the best home loan for them.  At Equity Access Australia we deal with leading banks like ANZ, Commonwealth, National Australia Bank, other well known traditional lending institution as well as non traditional lending and institutions and we get a pretty good idea of what’s a good home loan deal and who’s got the best home loan deal for you.

With interest rates still an uncertainty there are clear indications interest rates will be rising again and there’s no better time than now for you to take advantage of a Free Home Loan Health Check with Equity Access Australia to ensure you still have the home loan that’s right and the best for you.  Please call our friendly home loan team at Equity Access Australia on 1300 655 616 to see what we can do for you and how much we could potentially save off your Home Loan for you.

There are so many home loan options on the market with so many enticing offers of reduced interest rates, holidays, honeymoon periods and more.  There have been conversation on Facebook and on Twitter and on just about every other social networking site there is and the overall concencious is that even with the uncertainty of interest rates one thing for certain is that interest rates always have the tendency to eventually go up.  With this in mind you should always be asking yourself or better still ask a Mortgage Broker like Equity Access Australia if you still have the best home loan there is for you.

Some questions you should asking yourself about your home loan are:

1.       Is my current loan still one of the best loans there is available?

2.       Does my current loan still suit my needs?

3.       Is there a home loan available with lower interest rates and fees?

4.       Can I combine my existing loans all into one?

5.       How much could I save if I combined all my loans into one?

6.       Should my loan be a fixed loan or should I fix a portion of my loan?

I’m sure you probably have even more as the list could just go on and on.

With the number of home loans currently on the market from traditional banks and lending sources, as well as non traditional finance institutions, the amount of time it takes to shop around and compare could take you days, weeks and even months to compare them all.  Having a Mortgage Broker like Equity Access Australia you can be assured we’ll look after you and the best part of all is our mortgage broking service is completely free for you.

At Equity Access Australia we take the leg work and the headache out of shopping around for a home loan and find the best loan that’s right for you at the same time saving you time and money.  Giving you back the freedom for more time doing the things you enjoy most.

Call us Equity Access Australia on 1300 655 616

And we’ll help find the right loan and the best loan for you!