Why should I consider refinancing?

Refinancing is common for two main reasons. To get:

  • A better interest rate
  • Lower monthly repayments


Refinancing opportunities

Refinancing to cater for lifestyle changes – such as buying a new home or investment property, diversifying your investments or consolidating debts – is a chance for many borrowers to get a better deal from their current lender or another financial institution.

As easy as ABC

While obtaining a new home loan is a complex, time-consuming task, refinancing is typically much easier and less daunting. You now have a proven credit record to show your potential lender.

Making the right refinancing decision

Ultimately, whatever your reason for refinancing, it’s important to have a clear objective in mind. You need to explore all the options and make an informed decision as to which form of refinancing is right for your individual needs and overall financial situation.

Refinancing with Equity Access

We can help you make that informed decision. With our comprehensive computer programs, our consultants wade through all the home loans and products on the market to help you get the most suitable loan.

If your circumstances have changed or may change in the near future, you should seriously consider refinancing and contact the team at Equity Access Australia for any questions you might have.

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